GoodShape – Suze

GoodShape’s chatbot that helps employees manage their workplace wellbeing and absences.

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GoodShape: Suze

GoodShape’s chatbot that helps employees manage their workplace wellbeing and absences.

GoodShape are an employee wellbeing firm based in the UK and have become a leader in this field. By combining clinical expertise and technology, on average, they reduce lost working time by 20-40%, recover a week per employee annually, and facilitate quicker returns to work. With a 4:1+ ROI and 6-month payback, they partner with over 200 major public and private sector organisations to enhance employee wellbeing, operational efficiency, and performance.

After developing a mobile application with The Distance to support their customers’ needs GoodShape wished to add a chatbot into their app ecosystem that would help to drive further personalisation and ease of use into their customer experience.

Given that GoodShape had already developed their mobile application with integrations to their back-end systems, our task was to work with them to understand which of the tasks they wished to add into the chatbot experience. We worked through the chatbot interactions during our scoping and conversation design phases ensuring we had mapped the correct conversational flows to their corresponding API calls.

Once we had completed the conversation design phase, we began developing the chatbot flows as well as the additional cloud functions required for the chatbot to integrate with the appropriate GoodShape APIs. It was important that data being sent to and from the chatbot was correctly transformed into the right format so that it can be passed into GoodShapes systems and back to the chatbot. The first iteration of the chatbot, named Suze, was built to handle the following use cases or content areas:

>  Reporting an absence
>  Rearranging shifts
>  Symptom selection redirecting >  to appropriate content
>  Organising nurse call backs
>  Returning to work

Key to the success of the chatbot was also the look and feel of the messaging interface. Both EBM and Distance worked together to integrate EBM’s chat API into the mobile application, ensuring the Distance could deliver a fully integrated chat interface leveraging existing UI components such as text bubbles, buttons, date pickers and other components unique to the GoodShape use case. This allowed for a conversational experience that looks and feels no different to any other area of their mobile application.

Suze was successfully piloted with several GoodShape customers and received very positive reviews. She has meant that users can access the health and wellbeing help they need, as well as carry out important tasks without the need for human intervention. This self-serve capability was a key goal for the GoodShape team and provides all of their customers’ workforces with additional flexibility that is expected in today’s society.

The future
GoodShape plan to roll out Suze to more and more customers so that each of them can offer their users a faster and more personalised experience. We will also be exploring further use cases to enhance Suze’s capabilities so that more users can be served via this new channel.

“EBM are easily one of the most ‘can do’ organisations we have ever worked with. It was a very enjoyable experience, at all times they were professional and made a huge attempt to understand and meet our needs.”

James Arquette – Chief Product Officer – GoodShape

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