Our chatbot services

We combine best-of-breed technology with consultancy and end-to-end implementation services to enable you to deploy and maintain effective chatbot solutions.

We love a challenge and can take on as much or as little as is required, from specialist consultancy to get clients over the final hurdles they face, all the way through to the day-to-day support and evolution of our clients’ solutions – when they don’t have the resource or capacity in-house.


We use our expertise to ensure that clients are able to fully integrate chatbots into an overall digital strategy. Our business analysts identify the use cases that can be automated most effectively and conduct workshops to define the ideal implementation approach.


We scope and validate concepts before full delivery – from conversation design, channel strategy, integrations, bespoke development, chatbot build / configuration and testing.


We collaborate with you to develop a support strategy that enables you to maximise and maintain the value of your chatbot solution. As part of our support services, we strive to resolve all queries quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively using our highly skilled support team. They will identify your problem and determine the most effective solution.


We upskill your team to be able to train, monitor and update your Conversational AI solution on an ongoing basis. This can include technical training on the platform it is built on as well as training around Conversational AI concepts and conversation design best practices.

Our typical approach​

We have developed a tried and tested, collaborative process, which will allows a project to move rapidly yet prudently through five key phases. This will provide you with the basic functionality to go live, start adding value and empower each bot to continuously improve, introduce new content and functionality and respond to the evolving demands of your users.

Engaging both business stakeholders and users to define the product’s goals.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Research interviews
  • Site audits and analytics

Our processes are focussed on driving. We make sure that business and audience goals alike are reflected in the conversational experience.

  • Conversation design and creation of flows and Q&As
  • Review, iteration and approval

Building the chatbot on the predefined technology based on the approved conversation design.

  • Developing / configuring any integrations required.
  • Branding chat-widget or configuring the chosen message channel

Once all parties are satisfied we have a user experience that is ready for launch, we deploy the chatbot to the preferred channel(s).

  • Testing and feedback loops
  • Chatbot launch
    Post-launch support and monitoring

Monitoring the chatbot throughout the critical post launch period ensuring early user behaviour is used to retrain and optimise the experience.

  • Training
  • Chatbot monitoring and retraining support
  • Chatbot evaluation
  • Summary report and next steps, including usage metrics

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