Our Chatbot widget builder

Create and customise our ready-to-use chatbot widgets and deploy them to your websites and applications with ease.

Create an engaging conversational experience

Create a chat widget in less than a minute, preview it in front of your own eyes and deploy it all from the same intuitive interface.

Engage with your audience in style

Customise your chatbot widgets with a variety of options to create a unique experience that looks great on any device

Create a chatbot that matches your brand

Create chatbot widgets that match the brand and style of your websites and apps

Do it all without touching any code

Create, customise and deploy your chatbot widget entirely from within EBM and without needing any code


Chose an avatar, colour and layout to match your brand and style.


Greet your users with a customised message and welcome screen.

Easy to manage

Make changes, show and hide the widget, disable text inputs all from within EBM.


Place your chatbot widget wherever makes sense on your website or app.

Advanced options

Add further customisation by editing the chatbot widget JSON config and adding custom CSS.


Copy and paste your chatbot widget snippet into your websites and apps and deploy your changes with a click of a button.

What our clients say about EBM

Create engaging responses

The chatbot widget supports all available EBM response formats. Combine text with images and interactive components for a great experience.


Bring your chatbot conversation to life with engaging imagery.

Cards and carousels

Delight your users and show off your offerings.

Buttons and quick replies

Increase user engagement with easy to use, intuitive navigation.

Advanced responses

Create rich and personalised interactions with API calls, custom JSON and user-variable responses.

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Innovation Delivery Lead

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Client Delivery Lead

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