NHS UK Foundation Programme: Dr. Bot

Helping medical graduates and current trainees navigate information about Foundation Programme

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NHS UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) manages the national application process and continuing development of the Foundation Programme. Each year they allocate approximately 8,000 UK medical graduates to F1 training programmes across the UK.  

UKFPO receive a large number of enquiries regarding the application process and current curriculum. Most of these equires can be resolved by pointing them towards the relevant webpage or online resource. The organisation needed a solution that would help resolve these common queries in order to free up its staff to deal with more complex concerns.


Using EBM we helped UKFPO team build, ‘Dr Bot’ a chatbot that provides 24/7 guidance on the application process and current curriculum. 

Dr Bot is integrated into all page on the UKFPO website so users can easily access the bot wherever they are browsing. Dr Bot is now trained to handle around 100 FAQs (with more being added as the chatbot evolves) to help users find the information they need and which link to help resources.

Filament also trained the UKFPO team to use EBM to monitor interactions with Dr Bot. This enables UKFPO to gain an understanding of users’ needs, edit the responses and add new content on a daily basis.


  • Handled 3000 conversations in the first two months
  • Correctly answered 97% of user queries

We’re continuing to work with the NHS on implementing new virtual assistants to help different functions across the organisation.

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