HR chatbots: Boost the employee experience and drive efficiency

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Chatbots are benefiting HR and the employee experience


increase of chatbots used by companies as a communication channel.


of agents who use chatbots are free to spend their time solving more difficult and complex problems.


of organisations will use chatbots to support IT departments.

How chatbots are helping

Recruitment and onboarding​

The value of chatbots and HR chatbots starts right at the beginning of the employee cycle: recruitment and onboarding processes.

HR chatbots can handle the more basic activities such as screening candidates, scheduling interviews, updating the status of applications and answering common questions from candidates related to issues like benefits or holiday allowance.

Routine admin

It’s estimated that HR professionals spend around 57% of their time on administrative tasks such as payroll, leave of absence management, and risk and compliance – that’s more than 1,000 hours a year!

So, once employees have been onboarded, HR chatbots can help carry the workload for recurring HR-related administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, managing paid leave balances and shift changes.

Performance tracking and training

HR chatbots can significantly streamline processes related to goal tracking, scheduling reviews and identifying areas for improvement. They can assess employees’ skills and collate and analyse performance data over time, thereby adding more value to the review process.

Embracing data-based performance management in this way will lead to a more effective system, all enabled through data analysis.

Employee queries

When employees have questions or need help with a certain issue, chatbots can provide instant and accurate responses.

Simple queries such as “where do I go to upgrade my healthcare plan?” or “how do I increase my pension contribution?” can be handled by the HR chatbot, with more complex queries automatically escalated to a human team member.

Chatbots for employees and HR from EBM

Use chatbots to boost the employee experience and drive efficiency. With our chatbot platform and services, you can be there to support to your employees 24/7 and answer 70%+ of all queries, freeing up staff to focus on the more rewarding tasks.

How EBM helps you to supports your colleagues and boost efficiency

24/7 Service

Use EBM to create HR chatbots that provide your employees with the information they need whenever they need it.

Free up staff time

EBM empowers your HR team to create chatbots that answer many frequently asked questions, freeing your staff up to focus on more rewarding and creative tasks.

Understand your people

EBM's powerful analytics and reporting provide useful insight on your employees by capturing the information that they want to know.

Create new channels

EBM enables you to deploy your chatbots to those channels which have become part of employees digital day-to-day like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Workspace...

Respond quickly

EBM enables you to build chatbots that provide your employees with up-to-date information quickly and efficiently.

Provide notifications

Use EBM to create chatbots that provide employees with notifications when there is news, new events, policy changes etc.

An intelligent solution

Use EBM to create chatbots that can be trained to provide increasingly targeted responses as more users interact with them over time.

Tell your company story

Chatbots build by EBM can be a great method to educate users about your company, offering a range of media, such as images, text and videos.

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