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How chatbots are helping

Supporting donations

Many charities that were once reliant on cash donations are now turning to digital assistants to close their funding gap. Using EBM allows you to integrate with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other online channels.

Since the dialogue around donation interactions is very consistent, these digital assistants typically have low implementation costs. They often represent a quick win for charities and are a great starting point for those beginning their digital assistant journey.

Sharing valuable information

Often, a crucial part of a charity’s work is dispensing accurate, timely information that points people towards resources or empowers them to tackle the challenges they’re facing.

Digital assistants offer an engaging, easy-to-use channel through which to do this. There’s never a wait to speak to an adviser and they’re available 24/7, so users can access information at their time of need. Plus, through conversational analysis and resolution and retraining tools, digital assistants learn from each interaction, ensuring that it is more productive than the last.

Reaching a wider demographic

Often, asking for help can be a difficult step for some people. By deploying chatbots, charities can reach those who may be too shy or unwilling to pick up the phone or send an email. Once a person has taken that crucial first step by engaging with a chatbot, they can then be transferred to the appropriate channel – whether it’s local services, online resources, or 1-2-1 support from a trained counsellor.

The demand for many charities is likely to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Chatbots offer a fast, scalable and effective way to respond to this and meet the needs of the people they support.

Helping hand

The demand for life-saving support related to domestic violence, mental health, children's services are on the up. As a result, charities are finding that their resources are becoming increasingly stretched.

Digital assistants can absorb some of this workload by answering simple enquiries and providing access to relevant educational content, freeing up time for volunteers and employees to focus on the most complex and sensitive cases.

Chatbots are revolutionising the charity and nonprofit sector


of users don't mind speaking to a bot, as long as they're able to get the help they need.


of costs can be saved using a support chatbot due to its immediate response time.


of routine queries could be answered by a bot, freeing agents to spend time on more complex tasks.

Chatbots for charities from EBM

Use chatbots to help more beneficiaries, engage more volunteers and boost donations. With our chatbot platform and services, you can be there to support to your constituents 24/7 and answer 70%+ of all queries, freeing up staff to focus on the more rewarding tasks.

Chatbots for fundraising from EBM

Scale your fundraising and reach more donors 24/7 and across all digital channels with engaging fundraising chatbots.

How EBM helps you to supports your audience and boost efficiency

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24/7 Service

Use EBM to create chatbots that can provide your audience with the information they need whenever they need it.

Free up staff time

Use EBM to create chatbots that answer frequently asked questions, freeing your staff up to focus on more rewarding tasks.

Understand your people

Use EBM to create chatbots that can provide useful insight on the the people you support and who support your cause.

Create new channels

EBM enables you to deploy your chatbots to those channels which have become part of your audiences digital day-to-day like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc.

Respond quickly

Use EBM to create chatbots that can provide your audience with up-to-date information quickly and efficiently.

Provide notifications

Use EBM to create chatbots that can provide users with notifications when there is a new campaign, a new event or new ways to get involved.

An intelligent solution

Use EBM to create chatbots that can be trained to provide increasingly targeted responses as more users interact with them over time.

Tell your story

Use EBM to create chatbots that can be a great method to educate users about your cause, offering a range of media, such as images, text and videos.

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