British Society for Rheumatology: COVA

BSR launches accessible COVID-19 chatbot.

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With our Fast Track Coronavirus Response solution and in partnership with Versus Arthritis, Filament helped British Society for Rheumatology to rapidly develop a chatbot to provide guidance on COVID-19 and rheumatology.

As members rapidly change their ways of working in response to the pandemic, the charity needed to help develop accessible, user-friendly ways of presenting important clinical content. Users can access BSR’s COVID-19 guidance through COVA, a button-based tool hosted on the charities website, designed to help users find the information they require quickly and easily.


  • Over 500 conversations and over 3,000 messages in under a week
  • Great user feedback: 60% Very helpful, 30% Good

“Improving accessibility has been a priority for us as our guidance has evolved into such a widely-used and detailed resource. I’m delighted that we’ve partnered with Versus Arthritis and EBM to deliver such an innovative solution to continue supporting our community through COVID-19.”

Ali Rivett
Chief Executive

“I’m very aware of how much clinicians have valued BSR’s COVID-19 guidance; we need to ensure that clinicians can continue to access the advice they need quickly. Embracing new ways of working has been crucial over the last few months, and I’m very pleased that BSR is exploring new technology to support its members.”

Dr Lizzy Macphie
Leads the BSR guidance group

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