Rentokil Initial: Bessie

Streamlining customer support.

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Rentokil Initial are known across the globe for servicing both commercial and residential with pest control and hygiene related issues.

For their out of hours service, they had previously used a costly system which required a live agent to manage queries and raise tickets for customers quotes and next visit date bookings.

Now with the use of EBM, the business can run 24/7 through Bessie, the Digital Assistant. Bessie is capable of handling Queries, Quotes, Customer Service Requests and all with a user friendly data capture form within the chat window. All information is collated via the custom API and then stored in their unique CRM ticketing system for various departments to action.

With such a success story, the chatbot team is looking to expand their reach across various parts of the globe and we look forward to being a part of that journey.


Always on Bessie Bot supports customers with their enquiries, negating the need for human support.
Successfully integrated live chat system within EBM.
An average of 60% uplift of users completing the data capture forms completed via the chat widget.

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