Cadent: Hydrogen Chatbot

An engaging and intuitive experience to explore information around the Future of Gas
Cadent Chatbot Case Study

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Cadent used EBM to create Hydee, a digital assistant that provides information on hydrogen and how the natural gas we all use to heat our homes and offices can be made more green in the future.

Cadent is the UK’s largest gas distribution network, managing a network of more than 80,000 miles of pipes, which transport gas to 11 million customers across the UK. Along with the government set target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the organisation are exploring solutions for the use of low carbon gases in their ‘Future of gas’ programme.

Alongside their Future of gas digital campaign, Cadent wanted to provide users with an engaging and intuitive experience to explore information around Hydrogen, Biomethane and how Cadent are working with these sustainable energy sources to help reduce carbon emissions.


Using EBM, we helped Cadent to rapidly develop a hydrogen chatbot, a virtual assistant that provides 24/7 answers around the company, their Future of gas initiative and greener gases.

The chatbot is integrated into the Future of gas information pages on the Cadent website so users can easily access the bot wherever they are browsing. The bot is now trained to handle over 200 FAQs, as well as allowing users to follow more complex conversational flows to help them find the information they need.

The Cadent team were given training to use EBM to monitor interactions with bot, enabling their team to gain an understanding of users’ needs, edit the responses and add new content on a daily basis.


  • Correctly answered 93% of user queries

We’re now working with Cadent on expanding the hydrogen chatbot’s capabilities and implementing new virtual assistants to help different functions across the organisation.

“EBM has been fantastic in helping us to create Hydee, a chatbot designed to tell our customers all about hydrogen and the future of gas.

The content management features in EBM are intuitive and easy to use, enabling us to build a great chatbot and ensure it gets even better and better over time. The analytics in EBM make it really easy to retrieve information and reports, helping us to understand the information our customers what to know about and retrain the chatbot to better answer these queries.

The EBM team is great, they have been supportive helping us with training and getting Hydee up and running.

All in all, a great product with an amazing team behind it.”

Lindsey Sheil
Digital and Website Specialist | Cadent

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