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Transforming customer service for one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations

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EBM is used by one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations and one of the industry’s most valuable brands.

The bank were looking to increase operational efficiency and help customers get swift and effective answers to their queries.


The bank used EBM to develop a chatbot which now provides the first layer of customer service on their US website.

Using EBM, the chatbot integrates with Google’s Dialogflow to provide the chatbot’s Natural Language Processing (NLP).

EBM enables the chatbot to seamlessly transfer a conversation to a live agent when necessary. Integrated with LivePerson, the chatbot ensures a consistent user experience for bank’s customers.

The chatbot went live at the beginning of June 2018 and is on a path of continuous improvement, with ongoing monitoring and re-training daily and with new flows and intents added regularly by the bank’s in-house team.

All improvement activity is based on recommendations as a result of real customer interactions, which is captured and reported on via the EBM analytics dashboard and conversation logs.

More recent updates have seen the team focus on expanding the functionality of the chatbot, moving beyond FAQs to more complex queries. In 2019 we helped enable payments and transfer transactions to be implemented by the chatbot, ensuring that authentication and data privacy met the standards of the bank.

The chatbot has also been deployed to additional channels such as Apple Business Chat and and other messaging channels.

As we look ahead to the next developments, we will be enabling asynchronous messaging capabilities so that users can pick up their conversations from multiple channels without losing their history.


  • 10,000 conversations processed every month
  • 90% cost reduction for calls handled by the chatbot
  • Saved customers 12 minutes per chat, cut handling time by 50%
  • Achieves CSAT comparable with human counterparts

Built on the success story of the first Phases, we are helping the bank to scale their conversational banking across multiple business units.

EBM enables them to continuously improve and progressively scale the chatbot with a view on expanding existing functionality with further use cases (e.g. authenticate users and access their CRM or account details).

“We are excited about the early success that we’ve had with our chatbot – We’ve given time back to customers by cutting average handle time in half and reducing the need to wait in queue to receive an answer. A big thank you for making this possible.”

Digital Product Manager

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