How to Promote Your Chatbot

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A chatbot with all the right intents, responses and integrations can drastically improve your customer experience, but once you have this incredible support tool, but how do you grow your chatbot user base?

Promoting your chatbot among your target audience can be tricky. We’re sharing a few tried and tested methods to promote your chatbot and start building your user engagement.

Make Your Bot Indispensable

Integrations with the right systems and channels are just the beginning. Your Chatbot needs to get the job done – and well. While it may seem obvious, the best way to get the most out of your Chatbot is to position and design it to make it an indispensable tool for your customers or colleagues. 

Some ways to make your bot indispensable can be allowing users to fulfill requests, answer a query, or complete a process only using the Chatbot. Users in 2022 expect intuitive, intelligent bots that provide engaging and personalized experiences. 

Choose the Right Channels

Instead of promoting your Chatbot on every channel, select those that make sense for you. Focus on your target audience. What channels work the best for your audience and their requirements? Narrowing down your channels will help ensure the right audience sees your bot. 

There’s a fine line between advertising a Chatbot and spamming your audience. Focus on the advantages of your Chatbot, like how it can make communication easier, faster, and more effective. 

Consider switching your social media cover photos to images that promote your Chatbot and its benefits, create a post dedicated to your Chatbot, or share your Chatbot’s story on your social media pages. You can also use paid social media ads or enlist the help of influencers to boost engagement. 

Advertising on social media is a more subliminal, less intrusive way to promote your Chatbot, but still effective. 

Offer Incentives to Promote Your Bot

Have you thought about offering incentives for Chatbot integration? Incentives could be competitions with prizes or discounts on certain products. You can also encourage users to share your Chatbot on social media for an additional discount or coupon code. 

Inclusion and Accessibility

Consider users who may be unable to access a standard Chatbot. If you offer a service to many consumers, it’s vital to ensure your bot doesn’t leave out a particular type of user or a specific section of society.

Keep in mind people with hearing or vision impairments may be using your Chatbot. Bots accessible to people with situational or temporary accessibility needs can reach all audiences rather than a select group of people. 

Tip: Another idea to better promote your bot is to involve users in the design stages. User opinions are critical. Gather users from all backgrounds to create a bot accessible to everyone. 

Create a Bot Landing Page

It’s a good idea to launch a dedicated landing page for your bot. This way, users can find your bot through search engines and not just social media outlets. 

What Now?

You have an intuitive, easy-to-use, and indispensably helpful bot. Now it’s time to use these methods to promote your Chatbot.

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