Enterprise ready conversational AI

Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and infrastructure

Maintain peace of mind with a scalable and secure infastructure

EBM is built around rigorous security standards with built-in high levels of resilience and redundancy.

Maintain control

Maintain ownership and control of data and IP on a scalable and secure infrastructure.

Automatic scalability

Automatically scale up or down depending on usage. Optimising your spending, whilst maintaining high standards of customer service.

Secure messaging

Secure PCI/PII masking features to keep in line with GDPR compliance.


The integrity of your data is paramount. The EBM platform has been designed around rigorous security standards, with high levels of resilience and redundancy built in.

Your chatbot can be developed, deployed and managed under the tightest control, and we operate equally strict security practices.


With constant, rapid and often unpredictable changes to the operating environment and your needs, chatbots must be able to adjust to varying numbers of users and enquiries.

EBM supports horizontal scaling, enabling you to add additional servers, increase capacity, and improve performance. It automatically scales up to handle high demand, or scales down when usage is lower, optimising your spend while maintaining industry-leading standards of customer service.

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EBM’s open architecture is designed to make it easy for chatbot developers to control the conversational experience, integrate with current and future enterprise systems and include support for extra channels.

Jack O'Connell

Head of Growth

Josie Jordan

Client Delivery Manager

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