Chatbot development services

We help you design and build the most effective Conversational AI applications based upon the best-in-class technologies.

Conversation and chatbot design

There and many other facets of conversational design are key to developing the best interactions for your users, increasing stickiness, and ensuring your chatbots are head and shoulders above the sub-optimal sign-posting/click bots seen in the world today. Designing the best conversational experiences for your users is not a case of simply defining a list of their most common questions and answers:

  • What if the user asks a question but does not supply quite enough information to give an exact answer?
  • How can you help users through processes when they get stuck and need to ask a question based on where they are in the conversation?
  • How can I make use of my existing systems to enrich conversations with real-time options?
  • What if you want a safety net of a human being rather than a dumb response?

At EBM, we place Conversational Design at the forefront of chatbot design. We work with you to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your conversational experiences are not only effective but market-leading.

Chatbot development

The most successful chatbots are those that are working with your own applications, presenting real-time dynamic answers to questions or updating systems. Chatbots are extremely effective at allowing your users to interact with multiple systems using simple, natural language.

However, integrations to communicate with backend systems can often get complicated, due to the wealth of available APIs, authentication mechanisms, complex data structures etc. Skill sets required to develop these types of integrations rarely exist within organizations and if they do, are usually in short supply.

This is where EBM can help. We have a team of Technical Consultants on-hand who can not only develop the technical integrations for you, but propose how they can be best used within the framework of your chatbot application.

Our typical approach​

We have developed a tried and tested, collaborative process, which will allows a project to move rapidly yet prudently through five key phases. This will provide you with the basic functionality to go live, start adding value and empower each bot to continuously improve, introduce new content and functionality and respond to the evolving demands of your users.

Engaging both business stakeholders and users to define the product’s goals.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Research interviews
  • Site audits and analytics

Our processes are focussed on driving. We make sure that business and audience goals alike are reflected in the conversational experience.

  • Conversation design and creation of flows and Q&As
  • Review, iteration and approval

Building the chatbot on the predefined technology based on the approved conversation design.

  • Developing / configuring any integrations required.
  • Branding chat-widget or configuring the chosen message channel

Once all parties are satisfied we have a user experience that is ready for launch, we deploy the chatbot to the preferred channel(s).

  • Testing and feedback loops
  • Chatbot launch
    Post-launch support and monitoring

Monitoring the chatbot throughout the critical post launch period ensuring early user behaviour is used to retrain and optimise the experience.

  • Training
  • Chatbot monitoring and retraining support
  • Chatbot evaluation
  • Summary report and next steps, including usage metrics

Chatbot testing and launch

Your chatbot is in production! What do you do next? The first few weeks post launch of your chatbot are key to its success. As people start to engage with your chatbot, how do you know they are getting what they want? How can you improve its performance? What valuable insights can you gain to help drive your chatbot’s learning? How can you leverage this unique, “voice of the customer” data source within your organization?

At EBM, we will work alongside you throughout the development of your chatbot, offering best practice support and guidance. We can help ensure the effectiveness of your chatbot at launch through to providing guidance on how to shape your conversational experiences in the future.

Your chatbot should constantly evolve – we are here to assist you in that journey.

Ready to kickstart your chatbot journey?