Chatbot analytics

Use EBM’s analytics dashboards to gain a deeper understanding of your chatbot performance and gain insights to connect the impact of conversational AI on key business metrics and take informed actions to improve performance.

chatbot analytics

Create, analyse and train the best chatbots

EBM helps companies to efficiently interrogate and improve their chatbots

Chatbot usage patterns

EBM's analytics and reporting tools enable you to understand how users are interacting with your chatbots, common conversation flows and key drop-off points.

An intelligent solution

Use EBM train your chatbots to provide increasingly targeted responses as more users interact with them over time.

Understand your people

EBM's powerful analytics and reporting provide useful insight on your audience by capturing the information that they want to know.

Chatbot Analytics Dashboard

Deep analytics

EBM provides analytics that empower you to understand how users interact with your bots, allowing you to increase user engagement. Analyse:

  • Messages
  • Intents
  • Conversations
  • Users
  • Flagged messages
  • Sentiment

The analytics data collected can be exported or accessed via APIs for inclusion in reports, or made available to specific users in a read-only mode.

Track user intent

Discover which topics are most regularly queried and gain a deeper understanding into the interests of your users.

EBM Chatbot Intents Analytics

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EBM Chatbot Conversation Logs

Analyse conversations

Comprehensively review each user’s interaction with your chatbot, check the logged information and retrain any failed actions.

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