Use chatbots to help consumers save money on their energy bills

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Integrated with the GOV.UK find an energy certificate service, Emery can help residents retrieve energy information about their homes, recommend ways of saving money and put them in touch with local businesses who can help.

Select the demo chatbot on this page to try it out!

This content and functionality is available as a reusable domain template in EBM, so can be added to an existing chatbot or used to create a new chatbot.

The chatbot includes a range of features designed to create a useful and engaging conversational experience:

User guidance
Automatically help the user with suggested requests

Information gathering
Gather required information in simple steps

Backend APIs
Use backend data sources to lookup information

Scrape website data
Scrape and normalise data from external websites

Pro-actively offer more information
Offer more detail as and when appropriate

Re-purpose complex data
Re-purpose complex data into more consumable, channel agnostic responses

Potential for monetisation
Sell Local Business “Bot Space” where appropriate

Step-by-step navigation
Let users consume information at their own speed

Allow users to clarify where there is ambiguity

Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

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